Turn Your Website into Business
& Start Selling Online in Minutes!

Amazing Solution

Turn your website into a business tool
Turn your current non-ecommerce website into an effective business tool by adding ecommerce capabilities such as a cart, the ability to checkout, a complete back-office and a lot more…
The logic:
  • Add your product/service in the SellAnywhere back office.
  • Create a buy-button using the SellAnywhere button builder.
  • Copy the HTML code generated previously and paste it beside your product/service in your Web site (Like the demo). You also can send buy links through emails, newsletters, forums, blogs or social networks.

For Whom Is Our Buy Button Application Relevant?

What about selling your products or services by integrating Buy-Buttons or Buy-Links in ALL types of website?
Convert your “flat” website into an effective business tool.
If your are private, professional, company or an institution and:
  • You are NOT managing a lot of products/services.
  • You have no time to build and launch a new website.
  • You have No skills in programming and no time to develop an a new website.
  • Looking for a comprehensive, easy to use and economical solution to sell online.
  • Looking for an opportunity to expand your business potential by offering ecommerce capabilities to your customers without investing in a costly new website.
SellAnywhere Buy-Buttons allows to:
  • Start selling online now.
  • Collect money from your customers.
  • Keep your website as is.
  • Preserve your website traffic and ranking.
  • Monetize your website by selling your products or services online.
  • Add a Buy-Now or a Buy Button/Link in a newsletter or any other website.
  • Get ecommerce capabilities without modifying, rethinking and redesigning your current website.
SellAnywhereBB ecommerce tool

SellAnywhere Buy Button Application

Add ecommerce to your website
Get a powerful shopping cart and checkout process packed into a simple Buy Button or link.
The SellAnywhere application gives the power of ecommerce by adding buy-buttons to ALL types of existing website.
In minutes, make your “flat” website a real business tool and start selling online!
What we offer you?
  • Embedded Shopping Cart.
  • Embedded Checkout Process.
  • Complete Back Office.
  • Manage Orders & Customers.
  • Fully Customizable Using SASS.
  • Bootstrap 4.3.1 Responsive Design.
  • Based on CodeIgniter 3.1.11 framework.
  • 10 Built-In & Ready-To-Use Payment Gateways.
  • And a lot more…

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